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What is a Cloud-Based Phone System?

Cloud-Based Phone System an effective and reliable method of communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. Cloud based phone systems, as we know Internet calling and Voice over Internet Protocol, have become extremely popular with the increasing ubiquity of all aspects of business. But they may not be right for everyone.

What is a Cloud Phone?

CloudPhone Buisness Line Virtual Number App

Cloud based phone systems and cloud phones are phone services that allow you to make optical fiber and copper wire connections to make calls over the Internet instead of traditional analog phones. Cloud phones are hosted in one or more offset secure data centers.

These systems are used with a variety of devices, including adapters, smartphone apps, computer software, and VOIP enabled phones. Instead of maintaining software through a server such as a private branch exchange (PBX) on premises, all information and data is stored in the cloud. This helps you save on costly maintenance and updates as everything can be easily updated in the cloud.

Cloud Phone System vs Traditional Phone System

Traditional telephones work by connecting the phone system to a public network. These networks use ISDN and PSTN. In more modern setups, traditional phones can be operated via VOIP, which runs the phone line through an Internet connection.

Cloud phone systems take the concept even further. Phones are not routed through traditional networks at all. Instead, voice communication is done through a hosted Internet system. Traditional phone technology is used, but is not required. Instead any computer device can use cloud calling for voice communication. Cloud-based voice is less expensive than traditional phone lines or VoIP because it can be bundled with additional cloud services. The cloud is an inexpensive resource for calling providers.

How do cloud-based phone systems work?

Cloud based phone systems work by breaking your voice into small digital packets that are sent over the Internet as data. A cloud-based PBX is used to route the calls.

Cloud-based phone systems are accessible in a variety of ways, making them available for use by anyone with an Internet connection. You can make cloud-based calls through it.

  • A traditional phone with VOIP adapter: The adapters plug into a phone outlet in the wall or directly into your router.
  • A computer (i.e. a softphone): There are a number of program applications that allow you to make voice calls over the Internet, including Skype, Google Voice, and Apple Face Time.
  • A  smartphone: You can also download apps like Skype and Google Voice to make Internet calls from your smartphone.
  • A dedicated VOIP phone: These look like traditional analog phones but connect directly to a computer network instead of a phone line.

Features of a Cloud Phone

One of the main features of a cloud based phone system is the many features it has to offer. Analog phones can be somewhat limited in their features, while cloud phones are able to add and update features as they become available.

These are some of the features:- 

Unified Communication:

A unified communications solution integrates with your business phone system, voicemail, instant messaging and chat, video conferencing and faxing, and can also integrate with tools such as email, web apps, social media, and CRM.

Video Conferencing:

As remote working becomes more common, businesses need reliable and readily available video conferencing solutions. Many cloud-based phone systems offer videoconferencing as part of their package, so you don’t have to pay extra for an add-on feature.

International Calling:

Since cloud phones are based on the Internet, you don’t need to travel long distances when you make and receive international calls. Long distance and international calling are included as free features in most cloud phone packages.

Ring Anywhere: 

It is also known as “Never miss a call” or “Find me, follow me”. With this feature, when a call is made to a work number, the user will ring for example on the desk and smartphone, and the user will choose who to answer. You can also transfer calls between devices.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is permeating almost every aspect of modern life, and cloud phones are no exception. Cloud systems providers are using AI to deliver customer service and perform tasks such as speech-to-text and sentiment analysis.

Instant Messaging:

Instant messaging is text based communication. This allows for real time communication. Which can be carried through a number of devices including desktop computers and smartphones. Instant messaging adds an extra layer of communication that is responsive and leaves information in writing that can be referred to later.

Cloud Communication:

Cloud communication is a complete bundle of communication. It can be telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing and any form of communication that is included in the bundle.

Call Forwarding:

Call forwarding takes calls to one number and redirects them to another line. Cloud based call forwarding essentially works like traditional call forwarding. The service allows users to consolidate calls into a single line, even when it is important to specify direct calls through phone numbers.

Auto Attendant:

An auto attendant is an automated voice menu used by most business calls. Automated directory calls directly reduce the communication workload for individuals in business. Once the call is properly directed, individuals can take the call or have further automation services resolve the issue (for example, voice Match).


Collaboration tools, video/audioconferencing, real-time project contribution and other tools are also included to help people work together in a room or country without having to work together.


Voicemail-to-Email transcribes voicemail and sends it as an audio file to an email address. This allows the recipient to access their voicemail without having to use a voice mailbox. The emailed file is accessible with a wide range of devices and will typically not close or exceed the data limit, allowing the recipient to revisit voicemail as needed.


Cloud integration allows a large number of resources to be combined into a single cloud package or suite. The same service provider that allows large-scale data storage and analysis can also handle voice calls. By integrating services through integrated platforms, powerful tools are made accessible and easy to use. The scope of integration is wide, and it is a cornerstone of almost every cloud service.

Cloud-Based Phone System

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