Web Security Importance in Digital Marketing

Web Security Importance

A proper digital marketing campaign requires a considerable investment of your time and effort. To obtain success, you need to conduct market research, identify your audience, develop content, plan customer retention versus prospect conversion, and think about how it all fits into your sales funnel.

Developing a good strategy is crucial for success in digital marketing. However, you also need to think about web security. Neglecting this aspect can involve risks for both you and your customers.
Here are some common forms of cyber-attacks and ways you can keep your company and your customers safe.

Malware of All Sorts

Web Security Importance

When doing any tasks on your computer, a primary concern is keeping your information safe. When you’re handling company and customer data, you need to give security even greater thought.

The internet has made our lives simpler, more interesting, and most of us love it. However, it is also filled with potential perils. If a site is malicious, sometimes it’s enough just to open it to get infected, without clicking on anything.

Malvertising is another way hackers can get into your system. They install malware in ads that appear on trusted websites. If you click on them you could unknowingly download and install malware on your computer.

There are numerous types of malware that can endanger your system. Viruses can spread through your network corrupting data and system files. Spyware can be installed on your computer to record keystrokes, emails, passwords, and other data that can be sent back to hackers.

Ransomware can take control of your system and the cybercriminals demand money before they’ll release the hijacked resources back to you. Be careful when browsing the internet; don’t open sites that seem suspicious. Installing an antivirus browser plug-in or extension can help you decide whether to click or not.

WordPress Security

Web Security Importance

WordPress is the most popular content management system used today – so hackers know it well. This platform is a favorite target because more than 70 percent of WordPress sites are not optimized for security. If you use WordPress, it’s a good idea to get familiar with its security features and install updates as they become available.

The majority of hackers aren’t interested in stealing your data or deleting files, but taking over your email accounts. Unscrupulous spammers want to use your server to send spam email. Spamming is a common practice and most ISPs and software filters will block an IP address identified as a source of spam.

Newer versions of WordPress and security plugins specifically address system fixes and new security threats. WordPress has a wide support community where you can find help on the right configurations and best plugins for your protection.

Non-Human Traffic

More than a half of web traffic is non-human. This includes bots committing click fraud, scrapers that record links and other info from every page on a site, spam bots, and more. The automated nature of online advertising is a perfect hunting ground for these bots.

Impersonators are pieces of software that can capture and recreate user credentials. These can open the way to spy bots, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) agents, or fraudulent browsers.

Companies need extra protection because their networks can become sources of botnet-based attack. That is why you should also consider implementing a honeypot, a false infiltration opportunity. If it becomes infiltrated, you might be able to get botnet recognition signatures for it.

Web Security Importance

Another way to combat these threats is to share the information with parties who can track the originating IP addresses, or expose false domain lists. Websites can fight bots with CAPTCHA tests which ensure the user is human.

Personal and Payment Details

In order to pay for advertising, you’ll have to provide a method of payment. Unfortunately, there will be hackers looking to capture your account and password information.

This type of spyware keeps track of your every keystroke. So, when you are logging into your email or payment accounts, hackers could easily log your username and password. This means they could quickly get ahold of all of your personal information which could even lead to identity theft. It is important to know how to prevent this by installing the necessary software and using two-factor authentication.

If one of your clients suffers from fraud through your site, you could lose business from the blow to your brand reputation and the loss of client confidence. The customers need to trust your business with their information in order to come back. Choose PayPal, as one of the safest methods of payment online.

Social Media

Web Security Importance

Hackers are familiar with the major social sites. They aren’t always after account information; some just want to create chaos for you and your customers. They can make changes to your profile, including adding offensive photos or false statements, which will offend your followers. They may send spam or inappropriate emails from your account to your customers, create dangerous links, and more.

In order to prevent this, you should use strong passwords and change them regularly. Strong passwords have at least 12 characters: lower-case and capital letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t use dictionary phrases or obvious substitutions, like replacing the letter “O” for zero. Try using random phrases: mix up words that don’t usually go together, and create passphrases. Stop to think about the possible risks and consequences of anything you post on social sites. Avoid personal information, and never click on anything suspicious.

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