Introducing iterative testing early on in the development life-cycle requires planning ahead by developers

We seamlessly augment our service offering with your existing in house capabilities at extremely competent rates.
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Functional Testing

Functional Testing include UI/GUI Testing, regression, integration and automated User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
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Performance Testing

Multiple users are accessing the application at the same time. Vmayo Software Testing mimic as a real-world users environment by creating virtual users and performing the load and stress test
software testing service

Security Testing

Vmayo software testing scans the applications and websites for any vulnerability
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Integrated Functional Testing

Applications are tested for functionality and compatibility with the platforms and systems existing in the organization

Test Automation

Vmayo has a proven record of creating and executing complete test automation strategies for global customers with the use of standard tools, frameworks, and scripts

Performance Testing

This involves focusing on product assurance, interoperability testing, endurance testing, reliability testing, scalability testing and stress testing

Exploratory Testing

This is a type of testing which majorly involves investigation, discovery and learning the software application when it is being developed.

Crowd sourced Testing

Our crowd testing services are ideal for clients who want to receive widespread testing data in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Mainframe Testing

Our mainframe testing services are ideal for companies who are still using legacy mainframes to power their day-to-day operations and help them to drive down costs while benefiting from streamlined application testing processes.

ETL Testing Services

Our ETL testing or data warehouse testing process helps you verify the completeness, correctness, and accuracy of the data being transferred into the data warehouse, and use the same to make intelligent and timely business decisions

SOA and Web Testing

With the help of Rccess’s SOA and Web testing services, you can easily complete end-to-end testing for business and security-related processes within your existing architecture with ease

Industry-specific Testing

Our industry-specific testing is ideal for application testing in industries where compliance to regulations and security protocols is especially important

Our Latest Thinking

Vmayo’s Software Testing Services

With nearly 40% of IT budgets now being spent on software testing, organizations are increasingly looking at outsourced software testing to augment their in-house testing capabilities. Global organizations are leveraging the services of dedicated software testing companies to achieve consistent software quality practices across the enterprise.

Vmayo has a proven track record as an outsourced software testing partner for customers in the U.S. and Europe. Vmayo’s sound testing methodologies are customized to meet your business needs and to produce secure and scalable software testing solutions that help align IT systems with your business goals. Additionally, we have the provision of Peer review in the Testing Team for big projects, which helps us evaluate the efficiency of our staff and motivate them to achieve better goals. Investing in quality software testing services from Vmayo ensures that at the end of the day, you have robust, scalable, and effective software solutions.

Vmayo’s Software Testing Methodology

Our testing team devises specific software test methodology and test strategies to create customized test plans that best suit your business practices and needs.

Vmayo subscribes to an iterative approach to software testing process, beginning from the very early stages in the development cycle. Introducing iterative testing early on in the development lifecycle requires planning ahead by developers and testers and a greater collaboration between them.

Vmayo’s software testing methodology goes through the following iterative stages

  • Definition of test scope and structure
  • Designing test plan
  • Designing test models from use cases
  • Test implementation
  • Test Reports
  • Customer feedback and debugging

Vmayo testing processes are constantly being upgraded with the use of templates, checklists, and guidelines. We also focus on proper documentation and updating of testing methodologies so that new inputs are recorded and knowledge sharing achieved.

Testing Tools: Vmayo’s Expertise

Vmayo’s testing team is constantly upgrading to best practices cutting-edge testing tools. We have expertise in the following testing tools –

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