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User experience has grown to be a critical proponent on brand loyalty and ultimately business growth. VMAYO Technologies provides services for SAP HANA Fiori (SAP Fiori Apps) transformation platform which uses SAP Fury interface and SAP Fiori Training to provide users a simple and intuitive user experience.
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Transactional Apps

Allow users to perform SAP transactions on mobile devices as well as desktops. For instance, there is a transactional app for creating a leave of absence request and another for approving a purchase order.
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Fact sheets

which display information about key business objects in SAP. For example, there is a fact-sheet app for viewing a central purchase contract; it allows users to also drill down into related entities, such as vendor contacts, items under contract, and terms.

Analytical Apps

allow users to display key performance measures and other aggregate information about the business.
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Vmayo’s Best-in SAP HANA Fiori Services(SAP Fury)

With SAP Fiori Apps at the core, to implement and extend standard Fiori applications, and to simplify and modernize portal and mobile-based applications. This significantly enhances user experience and productivity.


It’s intuitive and easy-to-use with minimum wait time as important features are trustworthy to navigate.


Classic SAP GUI was transaction-oriented whereas Fiori comes with simplified role-based navigation and business function access


Consumption across devices, versions and channels with a single user experience without much ado about the OS or browser


Planned to be running on multiple platforms – ABAP (available today), SAP Portal, SAP HANA Cloud Portal, and HANA and across devices

Delightful performance

Makes an emotional connection with the end-user and improves usability.

Coherent UI design

Provides one fluid and seamless experience to the users

Reimagine the SAP user experience with SAP Fiori

Vmayo’s SAP Fiori provides 300+role-based applications like HR, Manufacturing, finance, etc.

Why Vmayo’s SAP Fiori Training?

SAP HANA Fiori is the latest evolution of the user experience for SAP Fiori Training. The user-centered design concept focuses on the way employees work and offers a variety of business benefits:

  • Increased productivity – faster and direct access to relevant information and applications
  • Transparency on items needing your attention – timely notifications
  • Helps users decide what needs to be done next
  • Allows users to take quick and informed actions
  • Increased user satisfaction

SAP Fiori implementation and extension

Vmayo SAP Fiori Apps deployment and activation tools help in customizing the user experience. Using Vmayo SAP Fiori apps extension built over the existing standard apps functionality, we simplify and deliver new user experiences tailored to the enterprises’ specific business requirements.

Migration and modernization of portal-based applications to Fiori and UI5 apps

Leveraging SAP HANA Fiori and UI5 based solutions, Vmayo helps enterprises with their large-scale migration out of legacy and outdated technologies used in portal based web applications. We modernize the SAP Fiori Training and provide mobile-friendly custom applications.

Development Factory to mobilize SAP transactions and reporting

With the Vmayo SAP Fiori Apps factory model, enterprises can benefit from the scale of SAP HANA Fiori apps development with reuse of processes, technical components, and knowledge. The offerings help reduce the TCO of implementation and provide support by leveraging our core-flex staffing model.

Extension of SAP Fiori Apps and other cloud-based solutions on SAP Cloud Platform

With Vmayo certified reusable solutions and accelerators on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), we enable enterprises to build cloud-based applications rapidly. We have developed custom applications and solutions on SAP Fiori Training leveraging SAP Cloud Portal capability, SAP HANA Fiori services, and IoT related services. The key benefits of SCP based implementations and service offerings include:

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