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Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud cost optimization enables analysis of your resource usage, assigning the right resources to a workload, shaping them to meet demand, and enabling them to meet security and compliance in a phased manner. Vmayo Cloud provides unlimited scalability to the organization but with the right cloud strategy you can reduce IT costs by charging for the resource you use.

AWS and Microsoft azure use total resources from cloud customers, even if they do not use some resources.

  • Transparency
  • Governance
  • Predictability

Our Services

Find Unused or Unattached Resources

The easiest way to optimize cloud costs is to search unused or without resources. Often an administrator or developer can “spin” a temporary server to perform a function, and forget to shut it down when the job is done.

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Identify and Consolidate Idle Resources

The cost of cloud computing to address useless resources. A passive computing example may have a CPU usage level of 1–5%.

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Utilize Heatmaps

Heatmaps are important mechanisms for cloud cost optimization. A heatmap is a visual device that shows peaks and valleys in computing demand.

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Right Size Computing Services

Right sizing is the process of analyzing computing services and modifying them to the most efficient size.

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Our Services

Root Out Unwanted Resources

Our Cloud Cost Optimization services begins with removing unattached resources for instance. Team member sign up a server to perform a task and for good to turn it off. Easily identify such unnecessary instances and root out them immediately.

Right Sizing

Use this process to inspecting computing services and efficiently managing them. With our cloud cost service it is one handed game to determine which resources are incorrectly provisioned and done careful analysis action to improve efficiency and modifying the infrastructure accordingly that can help.

Use Reserved Instances

Need Cloud Computing for the long term, first invest in reserved instances. Reserved Instances provide huge discount up to 72 %, these instances can be purchased for two to three year, therefore analyze your usage before investing in reserve instances.

Use Spot Instances

Spot Instances are useful for particular task for your organization such as web services, big data analytics, batch processing, image rendering and etc.

Use Heat Maps

Use Heat Maps to visually understand cloud storage.

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