The service provision of an organization is an empirical explanation in influencing its growth and success in the commercial domain. While it is important that the service provision structure is designed to cater to the accurate needs and specifications of the customer, it should also be assured that the services do not compromise on quality. Providing substandard services negatively affects organizations on various fronts. Another factor that plays a vital role in influencing the operability of an organization is the customer experience and satisfaction levels.

They are important considerations, and each organization target to achieve their highest levels. The service provision should also cover a lot of grounds and avenues, as it helps in achieve a larger customer base. Customer retention is yet another important factor that improves an organization’s reputability in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Customers rely heavily on the reputation of an organization, and therefore it is require that customers are not offered a poor service provision that in any way damage an organization’s name in the market. Regularly losing customers is also a worrying sign for an organization.

Organizations that have set up their call center establishments, or transferred their call center operations to external service providers, have witnessed tremendous growth and success. Transferring call center operations to a specialized vendor – a practice called as outsourcing – allows organizations to save valuable time and money that can be utilized in the execution of important business tasks. These include, but are not limited to, production and manufacturing of goods, and identification of changes to be implemented in the business model with an endeavor to provide better customer support.

In their nascent phases, organizations believe that accomplishing tasks in-house is more cost effective; however, studies have shown that outsourcing can be more beneficial in terms of both time and money than believed otherwise. What organizations also benefit from through outsourcing is risk-sharing.

In addition to transferring certain tasks and operations to an external vendor, organizations are also able to share the accountability associated with these tasks. This allows organizations to focus more on core business activities.

The services offered by call centers are of several kinds, but they can be predominantly classified into two categories – inbound and outbound services. Several call centers offer a combination of inbound and outbound services to enhance their productivity and service a larger customer and client base; enabling a generation of more revenue and profit.

Inbound services are provided when customers call with their queries and complaints, and are seeking appropriate support regarding the products they have recently purchased. Once the customer calls in, they are offered basic and generic information before being directed to the respective call center agent and/or executive who then provides them the required support. Some of the kinds of inbound services include inbound sales, technical troubleshooting and helpdesk.

The effectiveness of the inbound service provision also relies on additional facilities offered by call centers. One of the most empirical of these facilities is the twenty four hour answering services. A twenty four hour answering service provision is a round-the-clock facility that gives the customer the freedom to call with their concerns as per their needs; this helps achieve maximum levels of customer experience, which further ups customer retention.

Outbound services, on the other hand, are provided when call center agents and/or executives call customers to inform them about any new product that has been launched in the market. Through outbound services, advertising and promotion – two tools of boundless significance in the call center industry – are easily achievable. Services provided by outbound call centers are of several types; some of these are lead generation, market research and survey, telemarketing and appointment scheduling.

Telemarketing is the most sought after and appropriaye service in the outbound service provision. Outbound call centers that provide telemarketing facilities benefit organizations as they eliminate the task of hiring sales personnel – which further helps save time, money and other resources that can be channeled into the enhancement of productivity. Through telemarketing, marketing of goods also becomes executable.

To up their operability, call centers should assure that the workforce they have employed is qualified, skilful, and proficient in handling multiple customer calls with ease and efficiency. The call center agents and executives should, furthermore, be knowledgeable and well informed about the products they are responsible for selling; failing to do so could lead a customer to believe that they are being serviced by a workforce that is poorly and not properly trained. Dissatisfied service provision could affect the generation of revenue and also hamper the reputability of the organization. Eloquence is another vital tool that every member of the call center workforce should possess.

Quality service provision designed to offer best customer support, employing a talent pool that is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and utilizing cutting edge and latest technological tools are some of the various factors considered by call centers to achieve success in the commercial market.

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