What is Mobile Marketing?

Transform and personalize your mobile relationships with our multi-channel capabilities, through our campaign management software or yours. The cheapest bulk SMS service provider in Globe. Your customers demand mobile, We deliver choice and engagement on a global scale.

Bulk SMS Services

Advance Statistics

Mobile CRM, or mobile customer relationship management, enables those working in the field or remote employees to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access customer data and customer accounts wherever they are.

Powerful Admin & CRM

Now that we’ve touched on some mobile usage statistics from 2018, let’s switch gears and cover some stats and mobile trends for 2019 so we know what the future of mobile marketing.


Great Experience

Customer experience is critical to your marketing success. And the experience you offer your mobile customer is no exception. Indeed, mobile may be the most critical place for you to focus your efforts on providing a great customer experience.

Features of Mobile Marketing

Telcob is the best mobile marketing guaranteed service in India.

Promotional SMS

SMS marketing service is very efficient to reach a wide market. So this service can comparatively generate more leads & convert these leads into potential customers thus, generate profit.

Transactional SMS

We assure instant delivery of transactional nature of SMS like OTP’s, transactional SMS marketing, delivery-related SMS marketing. Add your templates and check instant approval. Delay is strictly denied.

Flexible Platform

Multiple routes (transaction/promotional/enterprise) & API integration makes the platform flexible, dynamic and customised. It is easy to blend sms marketing service according to needs.

Easy to Manage

User-friendly platform reduces efforts required in sending SMS. There is no need to have technical knowledge. We offer single click SMS marketing service delivery to thousands of numbers.

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