Impact of Chatbots and AI on Customer Engagement

In this Article, we want to discuss  “The Impact of Chatbots and AI on Customer Engagement”.Rollback a couple of years, and the first thing that must have come to your mind, for chatbots you have endless possibilities. I guess you must be wondering about what else can a chatbot do. And how businesses can leverage them to improve user experience

These days it seems that almost every business has adopted its own chatbot to communicate with either their customers, their own employees or with other businesses. Impact of Chatbots and AI  seems to be everywhere now, and as enterprises start to see the business value. The contacts center quickly becomes part of the conversation.

Advances in artificial intelligence mean that chatbots can automate more interactions that were previously possible with older technology. Now enterprises can use artificially intelligent chatbots as virtual agents or assistants to replicate the effectiveness of their best agents. And also reduce customer frustration and wait times.

Impact of Chatbots

Impact of Chatbots and AI on the Customer Engagement

The chatbot is a computer program that you can talk to via text, chat windows or voice. Also known as a Talbot, bot, or interactive agent, these programs are used in dialog systems for various practical purposes – like customer service.

Today, Impact of Chatbots are more powerful and dynamic, providing a wide range of services. Probably the most easy-to-understand example of the chatbot is mobile virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and SIRI. Since 2015, chatbots are one of the hottest trends in the technology industry. Earlier, we had only Facebook and Skype (Microsoft) developer programs to support chatbot apps. Now, smaller messaging platforms, such as Slack and Telegram, have also launched “bot stores” and investment funds to attract developers. Tech Giants like Google are
betting directly on a chatbot application (with apps like Allo) powered by its artificial

Chatbots and AI

Impact of Chatbots and AI on the Customer Engagement

Advances in artificial intelligence mean that chatbots can automate more interactions that were previously possible with older technology. Now enterprises can use artificially intelligent chatbots as virtual agents or assistants to replicate the effectiveness of their best agents and reduce customer frustration and wait times.

Some chatbots interact with customers to resolve issues, conduct transactions, and answer questions. The best enterprise chatbots mimic the effectiveness of your top customer service agent, salesperson, or support technician. The fact that these chatbots are “bounded”, or operating within a certain context (mortgages, utilities, wireless), ensures they can better support the conversation.

Furthermore, The Impact of Chatbots may be as simple as basic pattern matching with a response, or it may be a sophisticated weaving of artificial intelligence techniques with complex conversational state tracking and integration into existing business services.

Impact of Chatbots and AI on  Customer Engagement

Impact of Chatbots and AI on the Customer Engagement

Intelligence enables the chatbot to understand the customer query and solve the problem. Most of the chatbots do problem-solving through the predefined templates and rules (in the decision tree). However, The other method is Machine Learning, which is yet to grow mature but has already started to deliver results in certain fields.

This is where emerging technologies like chatbots are helping customer service teams scale quickly by taking frequently asked questions of the agent’s plate. Opening them up to spend more time to resolve complicated customer issues and ultimately improving first call resolution. Bots also show value in agent facing applications, where they can act as smart advisors or complete tasks on the agent’s behalf. You also can deploy chatbots on nearly any interface (web, mobile, social, messaging app, voice response, SMS).

Chatbots and AI on the Customer Engagement

Impact of Chatbots and AI on the Customer Engagement


Intelligent chatbots can operate in real time and predict customer intentions—offering specific help when they detect that a customer may need assistance. For example, a client has visited several mortgage pages and pauses on a specific page whereby the chatbot can proactively engage the client.


Customers can select chatbots from a menu or a button on a web page or in a mobile app. Another approach includes chatbot as “listeners” (for example, Twitter, Facebook, or SMS) that react to inquiries as customers enter these channels

Customer service has always been a crucial determinant of success for any business as 91 percent of unsatisfied customers will not return for a repeat purchase or service. Furthermore, This is something you should take very seriously. A simple acknowledgment message by an automated bot letting them know that their complaint/inquiry has been received. And will be processed as the highest priority will be a big relief.

Impact of Chatbots and AI  allow for a two-way, personalized interaction between the consumer.  A brand and provide an ease of access and immediacy that can’t be achieved via email. Filling out a form on a website or even through tweeting.




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