A Complete Overview of Penguin: How Works Google Penguin Algorithm?

A Complete Overview of Google Penguin Algorithm & How Works Google Algorithm?

Google Algorithm is a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps. When we searched in Google like cat videos, the search engine returned millions of results provided.
But how did it decide which results to show you, and in what order? It is decided by Google Algorithm.

Google has a very complex algorithm’s for serving search results, and it changes relatively frequently. The Google Algorithm show some element:-

  • The keyword’s appearance in the page’s title, header tags, and meta description
  • The amount of naturally-occurring, organic links to the page
  • The way the website performs on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets

Updates of Google Algorithm:-

Google algorithm is a complex system that is used to retrieve facts from its search index and immediately distributes possible results for the query. The search engine uses a combination of algorithms and multiple ranking signals so that its search engine results pages (search engines like Google’s) can be distributed to the ranked web pages using relevance.

In its early years, Google has made the best updates in its algorithm. Now, Google makes a lot of changes every 12 months.

  1. Panda
  2. Penguin
  3. Hummingbird
  4. Pigeon
  5. Mobile
  6. RankBrain
  7. Possum
  8. Fred
  9. Pirate

A Complete Overview of Google Penguin Algorithm:-

Google launched the Penguin algorithm on Apr 24, 2012. The “webspam algorithm’s update,” which specifically targeted link spam and manipulative link building practices. The webspam algorithm later became known (officially) as the Penguin.

Google Penguin Algorithm update:-

Algorithm’s update via a tweet from Matt Cutts, who was then head of the Google webspam team. While Google officially named the algorithm Penguin, there is no official word on where this name came from.
Prior to the Penguin algorithm, link volume played a larger part in determining a webpage’s scoring when crawled, indexed, and analyzed by Google’s.
This meant when it came to ranking websites by these scores for search results pages, some low-quality websites and pieces of content appeared in more prominent positions of the organic search results than they should have.

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How Works Google Penguin Algorithm?

Google’s war on low-quality started with the Panda algorithm, and Penguin was an extension and addition to the arsenal to fight this war. Penguin was Google’s response to the increasing practice of manipulating search results (and rankings) through black hat link building techniques.

The algorithms objective was to gain greater control over and reduce the effectiveness of, a number of black hats spamming techniques. By better understanding and process the types of links websites and webmasters were earning, Penguin worked toward ensuring that natural, authoritative and relevant links rewarded the websites they pointed to, while manipulative and spammy links were downgraded.

Versions of Google Penguin Algorithm

The goal of Google Penguin is to penalize websites with manipulative links by demoting their rating.

It also helps websites with sincere and applicable inbound links to rank better. you could come across whether or not you have been hit by checking with Penguin’s SEO Spyglass penalty formula,

  • Penguin 1.0
  • Penguin 1.1
  • Penguin 1.2
  • Penguin 2.0
  • Penguin 2.1
  • Penguin 3.0
  • Penguin 4.0

1. Penguin 1.1:-

websites that had to begin with been tormented by the release who had been proactive in clearing up their hyperlink profiles saw some recuperation, whilst others who hadn’t been stuck with the aid of Penguin first time spherical noticed an impact.

2. Penguin 1.2:-

This changed into another information refresh. It affected queries inside the English language, in addition to affected global queries.

3. Penguin 2.0:-

This became also the first Penguin update to appearance deeper than the websites homepage and top-stage-class pages for evidence of link junk mail being directed to the internet site.

4. Penguin 2.1:-

The only refresh to Penguin 2.zero (2.1) came on October 4 of the identical yr. It affected approximately 1 percentage of queries.

5. Penguin 3.0:-

Googler Pierre Far confirmed this through a post on his Google+profile and that the update would take a “few weeks” to roll out fully.

6. Penguin 4.0:-

Penguin evaluates websites and links in actual-time. This supposed that you can see (reasonably) immediate impacts of your link constructing or remediation paintings.

How to recover from Penguin update after traffic drop Edit

First, you need to analyze which also update slapped your site’s traffic. Check your analytic stats and notice if there is any traffic drop after April 19th, 2012 or April 24th, 2012.

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April 19th the Panda data refreshed. April 24th was this recent Penguin update.

If it was after April 24th, it’s high time you start working on Penguin recovery.

  • Create a list of all your backlinks. …
  • Analyze all of your links for quality. …
  • Keep track of the links you want to remove. …
  • Start talking with webmasters and disavowing links.

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