How to Improve Email Open Rate: Best Email Solutions

If you suspect your deliverability is sub-par, it’s likely because your open rates are low. By taking a few of these steps and boosting your overall Email open rate, you will see immediate and noticeable improvements to your deliverability and hopefully revenue too.

As a general rule of thumb, you can consider 15% as an “average” Email open rate. If your open rate is below this, it’s probably hurting your deliverability and we’d highly recommend taking measures to improve. This is not an analytic benchmark — it’s just the rate where we generally see deliverability issues start to occur.

Send to people who want to receive your messages

Simply put, subscribers who are not interested in the content you are sending will not open your messages. Subscribers that opted in a long time ago, or only signed up for a temporary offer should not still be receiving messages. They will not open. Try hard to think like your recipients, and try to imagine what they expected when signing up.

Make sure your list has properly opted in

If your list hasn’t opted in properly, you will never see a good Email open rate. Ensuring that no one is on your email list accidentally or against their will is extremely important. Some common blunders include affiliate or pay-per-signup campaigns where subscribers sign up for one product or offer and then get mailed about another brand or product. This is not considered opt-in (by our standards) and is a recipe for poor Email open rates. Make sure your subscribers are fully aware of the content they are opting in to receive. Make your forms clear about this, and send them an immediate welcome message to make sure they know what you will be emailing them about.

Segment your list with best Email Marketing Services

Find ways to identify your contact’s interests. Ask them when the opt-in or observe which pages of your website they most often browse using Site Tracking. When you send a campaign(Email Marketing Services), send it to a segment of your list so that only the people who would be interested in that content receive the message and, just as importantly, the people who wouldn’t be interested won’t receive the campaign.

Going one step further

Going one step further and requiring that all of your subscribers are double-opt-in, will add one more layer of security to your opt-in process, further ensuring that all of your subscribers want to receive your content. You can take a softer approach by sending several welcome messages and simply tag the contacts who open versus the ones who don’t.

Are you sure your recent sign-ups were made by real people?

Is there a chance a bot is filling out a form? After signing up, bots never open messages so they can really make your Email open rate go down. Check some recent signups and if they look suspicious to you, implement CAPTCHA to protect your forms.

It’s essential to regularly clean your list to maintain good open rates

You will lose anywhere from 25-50% of your list each year due to natural list churn. Someone who opted in several years ago is not considered an “active” contact anymore unless you know they are opening and engaging. That’s why it’s very important to regularly remove the subscribers who haven’t recently opened. If you aren’t comfortable deleting them, just tag them as “inactive” and send to them much less often or try to reach them in another channel.

Think about your sending frequency

Marketers often err by sending too much or too little. There’s no golden rule, and the proper frequency is different for each brand. We also recommend testing out different sending days/times to see what works best for your readers. You can use our testing tools to accomplish this.
Ask “why” when someone unsubscribes. Our solution (Email Marketing Services) has a feature that allows you to ask your subscribers why they unsubscribed. If they’d like to, they can fill out a form after unsubscribing, giving you their reason for unsubscribing. By knowing why your subscribers unsubscribed from your campaign(Email Marketing Services), you might be able to make changes to your messages or sending practices to reduce the unsubscribe rate for your future Email campaigns.

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