How to do an SEO of New Website?

If you’re like me, then when you started your first business, or you Googled [how to build a website or How to do an SEO of New Website] and went from there. Or, you may have just started off with only your social media and is that cool. I’m Writing This article and will give you a satisfactory method to help you get your website launched in the right way. And let you know How to do an SEO of New Website.

So let’s get started.

How to do an SEO of New Website, SEO of New Website

1. Keyword Research

So let’s get start with the website how it looks like and design. What I’m suggesting that you do is, as you look across the website that you’ve built, go and do some research on keyword research. There is a lot of article or Blog have been posting you can search on google you will find lots of blog regarding this. And after that do keyword research and create a list of all that essentially keywords all of you are initially targeting to all of the URLs, the pages that you have on your new website.

How to do an SEO of New Website, SEO of New Website

2. Accessibility and crawling

First, you have to see “Are the pages and the content on my website accessible to search engines?” There are some of the great ways to check all the accessibility. You can use some of the tools to search your accessibility like Google Search Console. You could use Moz Pro, or, to basically run a scan of your site and make sure that crawlers can get to all the pages, that you don’t have duplicate content, that you don’t have thin content or pages that are perceived to have no content at all, you don’t have broken links, you don’t have broken pages, all that kind of good stuff.

  1. Is the content accessible to all audiences, devices, and browsers?
  2. Do those pages load fast from everywhere?
  3. Is the design, UI, visuals, and experience enjoyable and easy for all users?

How to do an SEO of New Website, SEO of New Website

3. Setting up important services and tracking

  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool and very helpful in finding clicks and demographic whether it is a male or female, etc.
  • Uptime tracking – If you haven’t checked them out, Pingdom you can check your website speed.
  • Retargeting and remarketing – Even if you don’t want to pay now and you’re not going to use any of the services, go ahead and put the retargeting pixels from at least Facebook and Google onto your website, on all of your pages, so that those audiences are accessible to you later on in the future.
  • Google Search Console – If you haven’t set that up already, you’re going to want to do that, as well as Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Moz/Ahrefs/SEMRush etc. – If you are doing SEO, you have to focus on the tool which will track your rankings and do a regular crawl.

4. Schema, Rich Snippets, Standard Snippets


For SEO you have to set up your site description and how google or bing will show in the search engine result page while searching. And there are so many content opportunities or image search opportunities in searches to look your snippets good and attractive? Do I have rich snippet opportunities? Like maybe, this is probably not the case, but I could have user review stars for my website.

How to do an SEO of New Website, SEO of New Website

5. Launch amplification & link outreach plan

In SEO Who will help amplify and launch your website and why? Why are they going to do this you can identify, “These people, I know they personally want to help out,” or, “They are friends and family. I have business relationships with them. They’re customers of mine. They’re journalists who promised to cover this.

What press coverage, social coverage, or influencer outreach can I do? The last thing I would ask about are people who are maybe more distant from you, but press coverage, social coverage, or influencer outreach, similar to the, “Who will help you amplify and why?” You should be able to make a list of those folks, those outlets, find some email addresses, send a pitch if you’ve got one, and start to build those relationships.

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