Why Google+ is going to shut down in 2019

Let’s know why Google+ is going to shut down in 2019 | Google Plus

What began as a promising idea – a social network that was ad-free, clean, and devoted to giving users control over their experiences – Google+ has now officially been terminated.

In an announcement on the Google blog, the “consumer Google+” has been scheduled for termination within 10 months (h/t Jeff Sieh), by August 31, 2019. Citing ongoing security issues and maintenance challenges, while repeatedly pointing out the extreme lack of mainstream acceptance and consumer usage, Google stated that the consumer version of Google+ shut down. Meanwhile, enterprise usage of the platform has grown sufficiently to warrant continuing, with new features being promised.

Over the years, many Google+ users have massage girls in dubai taken advantage of the platform’s robust image editing and categorization features & storage, as well as video, so mechanisms and instructions will be provided for them to download their assets. For those folks, like David Amerland, who have used Google+ for years to create and publish long-form content, this is a terrible development. They’re now faced with the prospect of migrating that old content to a new platform or giving up on it entirely. Considering how easily and effectively some Google+ posts were able to rank in Google searches, this is no small concern.

Google+ is going to shut down

Why Google+ is going to shut down in 2019

According to Google, data that may have potentially disclosed only includes “static, optional Google+ Profile fields including name, email address, occupation, gender, and age.” In other words, things like photos should not have been at risk.

In any case, the conclusion is the same: Google is shutting down the consumer version of Google+, citing challenges in maintaining the service effectively. The service wound down over the next 10 months, with the ultimate shut-down coming in August 2019

In the early days of GooglePlus, it was a rapidly growing network. With widespread adoption and well-known influencers like Guy Kawasaki and Mike Elgan singing praises. The network showed tremendous promise for being able to connect like-minded individuals from all over the world and create a platform where meaningful, uncluttered conversations and discussions could take place

The stories about the shut-down of Google+ have literally been circulating for years. “Farewell, Google+, We Hardly Knew Ye” —The Daily Beast. And “Google Further Distancing Itself From Google+” —PCMag, to name just a couple. And for years, those stories were far from the truth.

Google+ is going to shut down in 2019

Yet the lack of monetization, and the challenges of maintaining such a platform, proved to be too heavy a burden. When a commercial slant failed to materialize, Google’s head of GooglePlus Vic Gundotra, stepped down, and the platform changed dramatically. It scaled back, features removed or migrated, and the user base declined dramatically.

What was once a thriving platform for networking? Google+ became the ghost town that it had so long accused of being?

What Happened To Google Plus?

What’s worse, while conducting a massive internal audit. Google’s team also found a huge security fault that potentially exposed significant amounts of users and user data. But conveniently deleted all records within two weeks of the finding in March of 2018. They’ve admitted that over 500,000 profiles potentially compromised. Since this event included in Google’s announcement as a reason for the closure. It seems evident that Google does not wish to deal with the backlash and controversy that befell Facebook around the same time. And would rather just shut the whole thing down.

“I’m the first to admit that I went from zero to sixty with Google+. I pushed back, didn’t see the value, dove in, and from there it was growing at a lightning pace. It became a major player in my social media and SEO strategy.

why Google+ is going to shut down in 2019

“That’s because of its unique abilities. Google+ wasn’t only a social network, it was a key component within the Google ecosystem. And as a blogger, the platform was this relationship marketers dream. In fact, the relationships I established so many years ago are still thriving today.

“The Google+ we all knew and loved has been (and will be) missed.” – Rebekah Radice

What’s Next For Google+ Users?

For those who are still using Google Plus daily, the options are clear and limited. Facebook is the only existing network that functions similarly to Google Plus. And has the kind of widespread usage to assure someone of finding people. If they know and being able to create connections. With Facebook, you can connect with friends, join Groups to meet new people. And share photos, create a video and have the kind of networking experience you used to have on Google Plus.

Facebook also offers a robust private messaging system that’s actually superior to Google plus in every way.

Frankly, most Google+ users stopped using the platform long ago. Personally, when it became evident that the community of a quarter million people. I had created there was no longer tuning in, I refocused my time and effort into Facebook and Twitter. We’ve known for years that that monthly usage data for Google Plus dated and inaccurate. And we could easily see the difference in engagement.

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