Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony makes your business communication easy and efficient. The main objective of cloud telephony is to focus all communication technologies in one place like IVRS, Cloud Calling, Voice Bots, ClickToCall, Chat, SMS, Email etc. for better and fast communication.

Vmayo Technologies provide one of the best Transactional and promotional SMS Service Provider in India. With  transactional SMS API; integration into the existing system software has become a lot simpler. We cares about delivering measurable results with No.1 Bulk SMS Services In All Over India.

  • Toll Free Number
  • Promotional Bulk SMS
  • Transactional Bulk SMS
  • SMS OTP Services
  • IVR Services
  • Missed Call Alert Services

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Stand alone Business Number

Cloud telephony works through a virtual number that can be mapped to multiple phone numbers or devices.

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Real-time Screen

Cloud telephony that will ensure 100% call quality and help companies monitor employee activities and their performance.

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Interactive voice response system (IVRS)

IVRS provides for easy organization of all inbound calls. This allows customers to access one-on-one, voice configurations on the computer and interact via DTMF input.

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Text to Speech

TTS is a built-in vocal technology tool of cloud telephony that uses a computer-generated voice to confuse callers.

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Why traders choose us

Toll Free Number

We are an innovative Toll free Number service provider company in India. We are focusing on providing a cost-efficient business solution clients. We provides inbuilt call log and call management feature with our web-based panel with each toll free number.

Promotional Bulk SMS

Choose the promotional SMS route that best suits your business needs. Increase customer engagement rate and sales using promotional SMS.

Transactional SMS

Use transactional SMS to give your customer a prompt reply when he / she interact with your website for the first time.

SMS OTP Services

OTP services have brought good demand in India, with many active users of payment gateways and members of online services.

IVR Services

A simple IVR system only requires a computer hooked up to a phone line through a telephony board and some inexpensive IVR software. The IVR software allows you to pre-record greetings and menu options that a caller can select using his telephone keypad.

Missed Call Alert Services

Our missed call solution is an automated cloud-based application enables you to get the real-time notifications of all calls on your phone number.

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