8 Ways to Email Workflow Automation

Email Workflow Automation

Email workflow Automation is an essential part of your comprehensive advertising and marketing automation system. many people confuse email automation to equate advertising and marketing automation. however, the fact remains that email automation is a part of marketing automation. email advertising and marketing automation complement each other but are not the same.

With email automation, you can engage your email customer based solely on what you feel about them by delivering custom email campaigns.

Why You Need to Automate Your Business Right Now | by Terry S. | The Startup | Medium

But how does email automation vary from email autoresponder?

Well, automation deals in an email autoresponder, although not all automated emails are autoresponders anymore.

An email autoresponders is a sequence of email messages(or campaigns), that you are pre-setup to send to a group of customers on a schedule of your choice.

But email automation is extra powerful. Email automation helps you trigger messages based on what links customers click in the message, what messages they open, net web page visits, abandoned carts and more.

How does Email Workflow Automation Work?

In AWeber and other reputable email advertising and marketing apps, email automation is triggered using tags.

Tags are keywords or terms that help you classify your customers into groups. They are labels, you can follow for client or client’s organizations primarily based on what you already know about them. it helps you deliver maximum applicable content to your customer.

Once they become part of your email list, you can view a customer tag, sign on to capture a lead magnet, participate in a webinar, purchase a product, or certainly can click a link in a message.

8 Ways to Email Workflow Automation:

1. Welcome a New Customer:-

An e-mail subscriber will no longer associate with you once they become part of your e-mail list. So make sure you send a welcome email, they will look forward to it.

Email Automation - welcome emails

A strong automated welcome email chain should not only best welcome new customer to your list and thank them for joining, but should additionally provide them with an idea of what they can expect as a customer. and introduce them to your brand.

Having an automated campaigns set up allows you to continue to leverage the interest of your new customers. check out this 3 email welcome series we recommended that entrepreneurs send to their new customer.

email automated campaign flowIf you generate customer through the shape of your website. connect your shape with creator app to automate.io. on your email advertising automation software. once, done you can easily create an automated workflow to add these customer to the welcome email chain.

2. Distribute a lead magnet with the Target Material:-

Automated email structures additionally make for a high quality delivery mechanism for lead magnet.

Lead magnet can be something that your target market finds valuable enough to exchange their contact details. but most importantly, lead magnet are offered after the customer has submitted their touch information.

Build an automated email campaign that gives that gives you a lead magnet and continues to deliver value of the topic of the lead magnet.

For example, AWeber created a guide to assist podcasters with their email marketing. the first email provides guides and the rest of the series gives other assets and tips for podcasters only. the highly targeted email campaign works well when you identify what interest your target market the most.

3. Increase Engagement with your Product and service:-

There is more than one approach to creating a automated email campaign to increase engagement with your services and products.

First, if a consumer has already purchased a product or service, you would be able to infer that they would be interested in the related products. tag them according to what they bought and set up an automated email for that specific step.

Second tag, subscribers based on links they click on in email or pages they visit on your website. then, send focused emails with limited time and give specific gifts related to the products they check in. this may also make it less difficult for them to shop!

4. Re-engage Inactive Customers:-

If you want to increase your open rates and click through rates? Build a segment of your customer who have not open your messages since then, try sending them a targeted e-mail campaign and re-engage them.

check out this re-engagement email from macrostax, a nutritional business venture. By offering huge discounts to customers who have not opened a email from them recently, they make it more attractive for customer to reconnect to their system.

Email Automation Campaign - reengagement email

5. Get Feedback with a Survey:-

Ask your customer what they think in a survey. surveys can be a valuable addition to any email marketing campaign. make sure a survey email is comprehensive so that you collect valuable comments to inform improvements to use a testimonials in your advertising and marketing. capture your survey responses in your google sheets without delays.

6. Run Cart Abandonment Campaigns:-

Automation is super handy when it comes to targeting those who abandoned their carts at checkout.

If you understand someone has hit the webpage of your website, although no longer came to the “thankyou for receiving page” tag them correctly and remember to deliver cart abandonment email. keep it let me know what they are looking for.

You can even send them unique discounts and give them if the item they left goes on sale. that might just be the push they want to convert.

cart abandonment trigger

7. Offer a Limited Time Sale or Discounts:-

Imagine how much time an energy you would store at this time of the year to automate the shipping of limited-time income or discounts to your email customers, so you can identify when you run your business venture.

set up a email marketing campaign that include teaser emails, countdown emails, promotional launches, retargeting messages and more. if you want to get really advanced, create tags and so that people who leave their carts when they shop will later receive a note with the message that the sale has been extended only for them!

8. Remember Milestone Dates:-

If you want to add a more personal touch. if you know the birthdays of the customer, setup the birthday email with a unique git to trigger at the beginning of the month. or, you can do the same with anniversaries, achievements and other milestone.

Email Campaign - Milestone dates sign up form

But how do you collect this data? ask where you choose(in your sign-up size or landing web page), and tag them there. or ask in email and click in link. you can apply tags primarily to customers based on the number of links clicked on your messages.

For more related information, then you can check it out mailcot and migomail

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