8 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2021

Email Marketing in 2021

A global pandemic can really create a stir in the marketing world. We have seen some major changes in digital marketing in 2020 and further changes are expected in 2021. As a digital marketer, it is important to pay attention to trends so that you stay on top in changing best practices without disrupting your overall marketing strategy. You are sharing seven email marketing forecasts for 2021. With these predictions, you have the tools you need to keep your brand ahead of the curve in 2021 – and ahead of your competitors.

Email marketing may be 40 years old but it is as strong as ever. Perhaps even stronger as brands have moved on to digital marketing channels as we navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape brought about by COVID-19.

Here 8 email marketing predictions to increase engagement and revenue for 2021:

1. Emails Will Have More Interactivity:

As the buying experience gets closer and closer to a one-of-a-kind deal in email, the interactivity of email is about to stop. As more and more customers use their phones for everything, they start seeing amazing mobile experiences designed to do as much as possible in email. But further said that this is only the mobile world. Optimizing the mobile experience is a win for all devices.

When we say “more interactivity”, we’re talking more than just those CTAs that take you to sales pages or gift guides. You will actually be able to use brand goods from your inbox or edit the cart.

2. Email Design Is Going To Evolve:

To accommodate this more interactive experience, the email design is being dialed up to 11. Amazing coding in email allows brands to provide a more immersive experience – providing a webpage to customers’ emails. In 2017, we are going to see design tools like:

  • Timer: We’ve seen her become more prevalent in 2016, and we only expect her debut in 2021. The timer creates a sense of urgency, which helps with conversion rates.
  • Accordions: Although we said emails are going to be like small webpages, the whole space issue designers have to deal with. The Accordion menu in email helps to solve this by providing a variety of options with condensing mechanisms.
  • Slider / Banner: Sliders and banners are another way to add a lot to your message while saving space. However, while there was an optional deal for Accordion customers, sliders and banners can function automatically.

3. Time To Get Hype personalized:

With all the developments in email design, we have time to really drill down to personalize as many messages as possible. The more unique the email experience is to a customer, the more likely you are to convert.

While batching and blasting isn’t going anywhere – even though we’d prefer it to disappear altogether – this method of subscriber outreach will continue to generate less and less revenue than emails that actually feel like they are niche Were made for the customer. .

Brands have all the data necessary to do this. Mix through it, segment accordingly, run your tests, and create truly amazing emails that will generate revenue and boost ROI.

4. Text-Only Emails:

Coming in second on our list of email marketing predictions for 2021, you can expect to see a lot more text-only emails.

Here’s an example of a text-only email from Movable Ink:

Email marketing

This does not mean that you definitely cannot send emails with GIFs and attractive images. It simply means that you do not need it. In fact, continuing the trend of hyper-personalization, it is likely that this new love for text-only emails is because they feel more personal, like you would send an email to a friend (because let’s be real) . . People do not send image-heavy emails to their friends and family).

5. Interactive Emails:

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) would mean great for interactive email. Using AMP, you can add interactive content directly to your marketing email. So, if you want to show something different, you can add carousel and shopping options directly to the email instead of linking to the landing page.

This means your customers will be able to view products, purchases and more directly from your email. No clicking, clicking, just clicking to go to the right page, and clicking more to complete a purchase. Each time you reduce friction, making it easier for customers or buyers to complete a task, you increase the likelihood that they will actually complete that action.

Here’s an example of an email using interactive content from Google:

6. Bright Colors:

This is one of our email marketing forecasts for 2021 that may seem unlike any other on the list (i.e. our recommendation to send text-only emails). However, we did not say that all your emails should be text only. So, if you are going to send emails using email marketing templates, designs and images, make them bold and bright.

Color is great for awakening emotions and taking action. For example, in the United States, blacks have a strong relationship with luxury, power, and status in marketing. Blue is about trust and security. The yellow color represents happiness and puberty.

7. Increased Investment in Email Marketing:

As companies continue to navigate COVID-19 and what it means for their businesses, marketers will look for less expensive marketing options that have a higher ROI. At 4200%, or $ 42 return for every $ 1 spent, email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy, so it should be no surprise that email marketing investment will increase.

8. Automation:

As you can probably tell, privatization can be quite laborious. And that brings us to number six on our list of email marketing predictions for 2021: automation.

When you combine analytics with email marketing, you can trigger hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns that are based on user behavior. It may seem that your customers can select the information you receive and send personalized purchase recommendations based on how often or purchase history.

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